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What is Custom Made Jewellery?
Watch our video and see the process of making a hairpiece and earrings from beginning to end
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Handmade jewellery - the process

The Design Process

How I Design for you

When designing for you, during the consultation while talking to you I begin to understand your personality, your inspiration, how you want to look, your hair style, your style, your gown, your bridesmaids gown, the venue, your parents and inlaws, how you want people to respond to you, your groom, every little detail is important, it is surprising how the little details are just so very important.

I listen, I see and I capture moments so that YOU are happy, that YOU are special and that YOUR special day is everything you want it to be as you look back at your photos and remember how that beautiful shape in the hair piece matched a pattern in your gown, or you wanted particular movement in your earrings. So many precious memories to look back upon and these are the special details that you remember.

How I can help you

It can be really difficult to find those perfect pieces of jewellery and headpieces that actually coordinates with the styling of your gorgeous gown, let alone colour match for yourself and for your bridesmaids.

The same way your gown matches your personality and makes you feel beautiful, you want your jewellery and headpiece to compliment your style and make you feel confident and beautiful on your special day.

The women I make jewellery for all have the same story when they find me and it is that they couldn’t find what they were looking for. They didn’t like the quality or the colour or they liked some of the piece but not all of it or when it turned up in the post it was tarnished and glass not beautiful crystal. This is when they look for a wedding industry recognised jeweller like me, who could make exactly what they want.

You are part of the design process

We will work on your design together until you are happy with the design and then I will make it and bring it to life, I will make your idea into reality, create your perfect headpiece, earrings, bracelet or necklace to complete the look you are after.

This will be something you will wear with pride as you are part of the design process and wearing proudly a reflection of your inner beauty.

We will design together and I will hand craft your jewellery and hair accessories to suit you for your special occasion or wedding Let’s design a little bit of fabulous for you and your bridal party.

How long does it take to make?

Custom made pieces can take up to 6 weeks to create or some times longer depending on the quantity and size of the piece. It just depends of course on the pieces that are being made.

Beaded pieces take less time where as soldered pieces are a lengthy time consuming process with many processes which include plating.

Please be mindful and allow as much time as possible for your beautiful jewellery and hair pieces to be hand crafted for you.

The Consultation

Enjoy the Redki Experience during a one-on-one consultation with me. During your consultation I will look at your gown, style, photos (I as you to email as much inspiration photos as possible, including shoes, hairstyles, venue, anything to help me understand your wedding) and discuss your vision.  This can be face to face at my studio, email, phone or skype. I create beautiful jewellery for satisfied happy brides from all over the world and look forward to helping you.

I listen and understand brides and I understand that this is your day and you are important.

Redki is the place for unique quality jewellery.

I only make fabulous

Michelle xo

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The same way your gown matches your personality and makes you feel beautiful, you want your jewellery to compliment your style and make you glow on your special day.

I design in a way to draw attention to what is important to you.

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With pride each piece in the Redki collection handmade, soldered, plated, hand sewn or beaded and assembled by hand at our Brisbane Studio, Australia.

Your jewellery & hair pieces are finished with stunning Swarovski crystals, Swarovski crystal pearls, fresh water pearls or semi precious stones.

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Our ready made collection is still made care and hand crafted with love, designing for the woman who wants handmade and quality with choices.

A lifetime love of jewellery and accessories that have always made me feel fabulous when I wear them is the reason why I create handmade jewellery.  I want other women to feel confident just by adding jewellery to their day.  I believe that women deserve confidence, deserve to look different and be unique and wear unique and feel beautiful everyday.

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