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Shop exquisite jewellery, handmade in Australia.  Designed for the woman who loves to wear jewellery and who loves jewellery that is different; for the woman who wears fashion and doesn’t let fashion dictate what she must wear.
Strong  |  Independent  |  Woman  |  Unique  |  You
Statement fashion earrings, silver crystal earrings, teardrop earrings, bohemium earrings, handmade custom made earrings

Fashion Earrings

Statement fashion necklace, silver crystal necklace, teardrop necklace, bohemium necklace, handmade custom made necklace

Fashion Necklace

Back Necklace

Statement fashion ring, silver crystal ring, teardrop ring, bohemium ring, handmade custom made ring


Gift Vouchers

Statement fashion bracelet, silver crystal bracelet, teardrop bracelet, bohemium bracelet, handmade custom made bracelet

Fashion Bracelet

shop bridal jewellery, handmade bridal jewellery, bridal earrings, bridal bracelet, bridal hairpiece, bridal necklace, wedidng jewellery, bridesmaids jewellery

Bridal Jewellery

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