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Designed with Love, Engineered with Passion

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Redki Couture Jewellery is a Multi Award Winning Jewellery House offering high quality, ready to wear pieces and one-off custom creations.
Whether you want something special for your big day, a special event day or just because it make you feel fabulous; our unique jewellery pieces are intentionally made in limited quantities to help you stand out and shine, no matter where you are.
We handcraft beautiful Crystal Bridal Earrings, Crystal Bridal Bracelet, Crystal Bridal Necklaces and Crystal Bridal Hairpieces.
We also handcraft fashion crystal earrings, statement cuff bracelet, crystal necklaces and beautiful statement large crystal rings.
plus size jewellery, handcrafted fashion jewellery, handcrafted bridal jewellery, swarovski crystal bridal jewellery, swarovski crystal ring, swarovski crystal earring, swarovski crystal bracelet, swarovski crystal earrings, swarovski crystal necklac, Your are an individual, a unique woman and deserve couture jewellery that reflects your personality and is made in small quantities. We design and handcraft jewellery for woman to show their personality, the beautiful you.Own your look & wear your look with pride, as you are a woman and you are beautiful.Empower yourself with your uniqueness, Redki Couture Jewellery

Designer Fashion Jewellery

Our timeless designs are highly sought-after, adorning the
covers of magazines and high profile women all over the world.

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Stunning Bridal Collections

Make a statement on your wedding day with luxury jewellery
and accessories you will cherish forever.

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  • positive review  I own several beautiful pieces from Redki. For the past 3 years I have been wearing them on special occasions and they still look unworn which proves high quality of jewelry. I absolutely love it and wonderful Michelle is the helpful loveliest professional I met 💙💜❤️ triple yes 🌺

    Monika Ky Avatar Monika Ky

    positive review  Michelle's designs are absolutely exquisite and the craftsmanship is detailed and of extremely high quality. We would definitely work with Redki again!

    Kelly Laurence Avatar Kelly Laurence
  • positive review  

    Nicole Ritchie Avatar Nicole Ritchie

    positive review  Incredible designs.

    Laina Faber Avatar Laina Faber
  • positive review  Redki wearable art is fantastic and amazing jewelry with so much love and care put into making it. Beautiful..

    Mel Cheetham Avatar Mel Cheetham

    positive review  Stunning designs for all occasions. I adore wearing them, they make you feel exquisite ��

    Maxine Stibbe Avatar Maxine Stibbe
  • positive review  Loved every bit of my classical jewellery!!! Thank you so much! I still wear it and brings back beautiful memories:) xo

    Paola Contador Avatar Paola Contador

    positive review  Michelle is very talented and inspirational. I recommend her services to all of my brides. Her work is unique, one of a kind and can be specially made to suit whatever the occasion.

    Felicity McShane Avatar Felicity McShane
  • positive review  Michelle made the most beautiful custom jewellery piece for my wedding, it was stunning. Thank you again Michelle

    Jemanda Hannouf-Scheib Avatar Jemanda Hannouf-Scheib

    positive review  Redki has some amazing pieces! Michelle is so creative, her headpieces are stunning and really bring something extra to a shoot! She always comes prepared with a big roller bag full of jewellery to suit every look, if you need a jewellery element on your shoot, look no further than her!

    Katie Panic Avatar Katie Panic
  • positive review  My wedding headpiece was created from a replica of my mums, Michelle did a wonderful job of matching it 100% perfectly, I will always treasure it❤️

    Ruth Brooks Avatar Ruth Brooks

    positive review  Redki stones are wonderfully cut and sparkle beautifully especially in the evening light. Quality settings and so glam! I love wearing my jewellery from the collection and definitely recommend it.

    Lezah Gildea-Marega Avatar Lezah Gildea-Marega
  • positive review  I am very impressed with Michelle and her amazing jewellery design. I've worked with her on a few photoshoots now and she is certainly an asset to the team. She comes fully prepared, researches the looks of the shoot and brings items accordingly, she is friendly, punctual and brings a positive energy to set. I can see she is very passionate about her work and her pieces are gorgeous and she has a huge variety. They can go with any look, bridal, formal, vintage, glamour, high fashion, any thing! She is also very helpful on set and works well in a team. I recommend Redki Jewellery to anyone wanting some high quality, beautiful pieces to go with any occasion.

    Neeka Dewar Avatar Neeka Dewar

    5 star review  

    Liv Wilson Avatar Liv Wilson
  • positive review  Absolutely stunning pieces that really stand out!!!!

    Nicky James Avatar Nicky James

    positive review  

    Ladina M R Palmieri Avatar Ladina M R Palmieri
  • positive review  Such an honour to be able to work with the very talented Michelle,and thank you so much for letting me model your amazing creations�I'll surely recommend it to friends for all occasions xox

    Joie Serrano Avatar Joie Serrano

    positive review  Michelles' range of jewellery and wearable art is both unique and beautiful. If you are looking for that special piece for any occasion check out Redki Wearable Art, you won't be disappointed!

    Nicole E Ireland Avatar Nicole E Ireland
  • positive review  Absolute quality products, unique pieces. All beautiful. Highly recommend Redki. Love shopping for my jewelery here.

    Tracey Gant Avatar Tracey Gant

    positive review  Wow! What beautiful and gorgeous creations! Something for everyone for that special occasion or just to wear whenever you want to make yourself feel special! Michelle has a creative flair for designing pieces that match your individual style. Her customer service is second to none. I would recommend Michelle's REDKI Wearable Art to anyone looking for that special bespoke piece of jewellery. Thanks so much Michelle I love my beautiful necklace & matching earrings designed just for me 🙂

    Jane Dobbie Avatar Jane Dobbie

Proudly we share some of our Awards

redki couture jewellery award winning jewellery, handmade in australia, handmade bridal jewellery, hadnade fashion jewellery
redki couture jewellery award winning jewellery, handmade in australia, handmade bridal jewellery, hadnade fashion jewellery

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