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    We Are Redki

    Redki Jewellery owes its existence to the creators’ lifetime love affair with beautiful, unique pieces of jewellery and accessories.  The feeling of endearment, the confidence that exudes from a woman when she’s wearing the perfect statement piece is what Redki’s jewellery delivers to you – the feeling of empowerment.

    Love Our Work

    Handmade jewellery is designed with a great deal of thought, a unique and extensive process for each piece of jewellery. When creating, I think of a theme or a story, designing to ensure balance, colour, reflection, elegance, wearability and individuality. Whether it is a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet, a hairpiece or a ring, each piece goes through the same dedicated process.

    There are various ways to make your jewellery and hairpieces, they can be strung and beaded; carefully selecting the right beads, Swarovski crystals, Swarovski crystal pearls, fresh water pearls or semi-precious stones to finish that perfect piece. Some hairpieces are hand sewn and hand beaded onto beautiful laces, or I use old-fashioned millinery techniques to create and make silk flowers for hairpieces or brooches.

    Some jewellery and hairpieces are hand-soldered; where every metal component is carefully considered to enhance the Swarovski Crystals to ensure their beauty is sparkling through. After soldering, there are hours of finishing including sanding and filing, preparation for the jewellery or hairpieces to go through ready for plating.
    The plating I choose is either rhodium or hard gold plating to give them the fabulous finish that the piece deserves and to ensure that your jewellery is long lasting and long wearing.

    I create and carefully make your jewellery with care and love.

    “Thank you for letting me add a little bit of fabulous into your day.”
    xo Michelle xo

    We are here for you

    Redki is a jewellery label consisting of unique, stunning pieces for the woman who understands the power of the perfect piece. So much more than an accessory, my pieces are designed to make you feel beautiful, confident and empowered.

    Every design is carefully designed and handmade in Brisbane Australia, using the highest of quality materials. Swarovski crystals, Swarovski crystal pearls, fresh water pearls and semiprecious stones are all handcrafted to create contemporary, yet timeless designs. Such unique, intricate and elaborate creations by Michelle Christensen represent exquisite style and superior craftsmanship. These gorgeous power pieces are available for purchase in the Redki online store, or pop into the studio to discuss the option for custom designs for bridal jewellery, bridal headpieces and unique, custom designed fashion jewellery.

    With the ability to replicate and modernise pieces worn by loved ones, or design custom pieces based on briefs as specific as fabric patterns, Redki is a designer of choice when it comes to brides who are seeking something truly special for their wedding day. Michelle works with brides all over the world – with the ability to design via email or skype making the whole process so simple and enjoyable. Michelle loves weddings, as she loves her own marriage and is honoured to be part of the most important day in a couple’s life, their wedding day.

    At the height of elegance and style in bridal and fashion jewellery, Redki has received several awards for their beautifully designed jewellery.


    Michelle Christensen is a self-taught jewellery designer who now has more than a decade of experience working with her own fashion jewellery label, Redki. Founded in 2006, Michelle’s passion derived from her own struggle to find the perfect piece – as a six foot three inch lady, she found most pieces with length focus just didn’t sit right, and so she made her own. Michelle’s dream to make beautiful, empowering pieces for women of all sizes, made Redki the successful, recognised brand it is today.

    “I believe that women deserve confidence, deserve to look beautiful. Women deserve to be unique and my aim is to create stunning, quality pieces women can pull strength from when wearing them. Women should feel beautiful every day, and my jewellery is designed with that in mind.”

    Michelle’s passion for creating the perfect wedding day for people begun when a friend was getting married; she wanted a specific piece that was simply unavailable, and so Michelle created it for her. While Redki will never copy a design from another brand or artist, if you have an unattainable piece in mind, you can get your own beautiful version.

    “Jewellery is personal, it is very intimate for a woman and it should be made for her, it should be what she wants, her vision & made with love – I am inspired be everyday life, when meeting a woman and transforming her vision into her signature style.”

    Michelle is an animal lover through and through, a devoted dog Mumma to two girls Red and Kiki, Redki was named with these beautiful fur babies in mind, and their memory lives on through the brand.


    Michelle Christensen

    Owner, Jeweller/ Designer

    “I have always loved jewellery and accessories, when I was younger I always played with Mum’s Jewellery and this is where my love for jewellery began.”

    “I get so much enjoyment wearing beautiful jewellery and have always had a dream to share this with other women.”

    “My designs and collections are made to empower women; to drive them to feel better about themselves. When the moment is required, my pieces are designed to help women gain the strength they need.”

    Our Awards

    Proudly we share some of our awards