Custom Made

    Meaningful Jewellery made for You

    Custom Jewellery Design is an immersive process that you are a part of from the very beginning. Let Redki bring your vision to life, creating a piece that is truly unique to you, based upon your thoughts and inspirations.
    I will make your jewellery to wear on your special occasion; to enjoy and to have an everlasting wearable memory.

    You are part of the design process

    This is your story. Your moments. Your journey.
    Custom bridal jewellery, or custom made fashion jewellery is the perfect way to wear your personality, showcasing your individuality effortlessly and stylishly.
    It is my privilege to be a part of your design process, creating beautiful, quality unique pieces that become heirloom pieces. So long lasting and stunning that you can pass them onto your children and grandchildren, to wear and to be proud to say “Grandma wore this and it is beautiful”.

    How We Design together

    From the beginning of your very first consultation, I begin to understand you as we talk. Your personality, your inspiration, your style. Throughout, I understand how you want to look, how you want people to react. I focus on your gown, your bridesmaids’ gowns, your groom, your hairstyle, your venue and even your parents and in-laws. Every tiny detail is so important in designing the perfect piece, and you will be surprised how much each of these factor in to your piece. With your jewellery being designed to match your wedding theme, intricate lacework in your wedding gown and the possibility of having custom jewellery for you, your bridesmaids’, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, your event and photos will be seamless and eye catching.

    I listen, I see and I capture moments so that YOU are happy, so that YOU are special and so that YOUR special day is everything you want it to be; as you look back at your photos and remember how that beautiful shape in the hair piece matched a pattern in your gown, or how you wanted particular movement in your earrings. So many precious memories and these are the special details that you remember.

    You are part of the design process

    We will work on your custom designed jewellery together until you are completely satisfied with it, and then I will bring it to life.
    I will turn your idea/dream into reality, creating the perfect necklace, bracelet earrings or headpiece to complete the look you’re trying to achieve.
    This will be something you will wear with pride as you are part of the design process and wearing proudly, a reflection of your true self and inner beauty.

    We will design together and I will hand craft your jewellery and hair accessories to suit you for your special occasion or wedding. Let’s design a little bit of fabulous for you and your bridal party

    The Design Process

    How I can help you

    Coordinating the perfect headpiece, necklace and earrings to your gown can be hard enough without adding in details like colour matching for you and you bridesmaids’.
    The same way your gown matches your personality and makes you feel beautiful, you want your jewellery and headpiece to compliment your style and make you feel confident and beautiful on your special day.

    With my skills reaching across soldering and millenary, I am able to create beautiful strung and beaded pieces, as well as gorgeous plated designs.

    The women I make jewellery for all have the same story when they find me, and it is that they couldn’t find what they were looking for. They didn’t like the quality or the colour, or they liked some of the piece but not all of it, or when it turned up in the post it was tarnished and glass instead of beautiful crystal. This is when they look for a wedding industry recognised jeweller like me, who could make exactly what they want.  How long does it take to make?

    Custom made pieces can take up to 6 weeks to create, or sometimes longer depending on the quantity and size of the piece. It just depends, of course, on the pieces that are being made.  The jewellery and hairpiece that you want made are as individual as you are.

    Beaded jewellery takes less time to create (again depending on the piece). Whereas soldered pieces are a lengthy and time consuming process with many steps involved which include soldering, sanding, plating and adding the crystals and so much more.

    Please be mindful and allow as much time as possible for your beautiful jewellery and hair pieces to be hand crafted for you.  For weddings, planning three-six months ahead is ideal and assures satisfaction.
    The Consultation

    No matter where you are in the world, I can help you with your special occasion jewellery.  With my consultations being available via email, phone and Skype, as well in Studio, you can enjoy the Redki Experience during a one-on-one consultation with me, Michelle.

    During your consultation I will look at your gown, style, photos (I ask you to email as much inspiration photos as possible – including shoes, hairstyles, venue and anything else to help me understand your wedding) and discuss your vision. I create beautiful jewellery for satisfied, happy brides from all over the world and now I look forward to helping you.

    I listen and understand brides and I understand that this is your day and you are important.  No task is too big for me, I am always up for a challenge I will never say no to designing the perfect piece that is truly unique to you.

    Redki is the place for unique quality jewellery.

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