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Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 4 – featuring Redki Jewellery

When the Real Housewives of Melbourne call to wear your jewellery, its a YES of course!

To set the scene for you, I was contacted to bejewel the ladies and loan my jewellery for the Housewives for their promotional photo for Season 4 back in late May for a photoshoot in early June by the stylist.  Mmmmmm all that jewellery going to Melbourne by courier, nope, so I booked accommodation and plane tickets and packed 28kg of jewellery into a case and Mum and I shared the other suitcase packing very lightly for our 4 day adventure.  We stayed in St Kilda Beach which was just fabulous actually with all its cafes and being near the beach but oh my, coming from Brisbane warm winter to Melbourne cold, yep, glad we took our gloves and scarves.

The shoot was at ‘The George’ which is an iconic building in St Kilda, truly fabulous as weddings are held there and part of it has been turned into apartments.  I hardly slept the night before as I had so much going through my mind, did I have enough jewellery with me? I bought some of my tools with me and extra crystals to make an last minute changes of colours.  We arrived for 7am and set up, laying the jewellery out and we were ready.  The stylist had 28 looks to style on that day for the housewives and bought 35 gorgeous gowns and shoes along with other stylists to assist on the day with dressing the ladies.  It takes such a team effort to create the looks.  There were a team of makeup artists and hair stylists creating the looks downstairs and as they were ready the ladies would come up and were dressed in their gown and would come over to me so I could style their jewellery for them.

They were just the loveliest most gracious women and we enjoyed meeting them and being with them for the day.  Mum had a ball meeting them and helping me, she has been on so many of my shoots and is an amazing assistant to me, couldn’t do it without my Mum xo

The ladies we adorned on the day were Gina Liano, Janet Roach, Sally Bloomfield, Lydia Schivaello, Venus Behbahani, Jackie Gillies and Gamble Breaux.  Gamble was so much fun as you can see in the ‘behind the scenes’ photos and she is such a lovely and beautiful person. All the ladies were just lovely and so nice on the day.

Well, the photoshoot was in June and the photos are now being published in December, first in OK Magazine with Prince Harry and Meghan Markel on the cover and I must say what a gorgeous loving couple they make., this photo has the ladies in black, maroon and purple. I used neutral clear crystal jewellery with either gold or silver metals for the ladies, except for Gina’s necklace I swapped out the central crystal to match her gown and for Janet, I added a statement black necklace with a feature crystal centre piece with matching earrings and bracelet.  All the ladies had either matching earrings, necklace, bracelet and rings on and they looked beautiful.

Now I can share a secret that we have been sitting on for 6 months phew, so very proud of my jewellery being featured with the ‘Real Housewives of Melbourne’ and OK Magazine.

Michelle xo

Gina Liano - Housewives of Melbourne
Housewives of Melbourne, Gamble
Housewives of Melbourne, Lydia
Housewives of Melbourne, Jackie Gillies
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