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Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 4 Part 2 – featuring Redki Jewellery

This fabulous photo was the 2nd photo of the day and was beautifully styled in creams, golds, bronze and red.  It had a very regal feel to it.

To style the jewellery for these gowns was such fun adding gorgeous swarovski crystal jewellery to complete the look for the ladies.  I styled the jewellery to their  personality and to the gowns draping and texture to suit the look of the gown.

This photo was featured in the Melbourne Herald cover of the TV Guide, Melbourne Housewives Season 4.

Housewives of Melbourne, Gamble
Housewives of Melbourne, Sally Bloomfield
Housewives of Melbourne, Janet
Housewives of Melbourne, Lydia
Gina Liano - Housewives of Melbourne
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