Handmade and custom made jewellery and hairpieces for our Beautiful Brides, Bridesmaids & Mother of the Bride

abbie - Married in Perth

Ainsling - Married in Italy

Alex - Married in New Zealand

Alison & Mum - Married in Brisbane

Ana's Bridesmaids - Married in Brisbane

Ana & Mum - Married in Brisbane

Androulla - Maria Mother of Bride - Brisbane

Androlla's bridesmaids - Married in Brisbane

Androulla Bride - Married in Brisbane City

Androulla - Elleni bridesmaids

Bec - Married in Brisbane

Bec - Married in Brisbane

Bianca's - Married in Gold Coast

Bianca's bridesmaids - Gold Coast

Bianca - Married on the Gold Coast

Bianca and bridesmaid - Married in Gold Coast

Amanda and bridesmaid - Married in Bali

Ashely - Married Marina Mirage, Gold Coast

Beth's bridesmaids - Married in Sunshine Coast

Beth's Bride - Married on the Sunshine Coast

Beth's bridesmaids - Married in Sunshine Coast