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Redki Couture Jewellery has been creating jewellery for brides for over 13 years and Michelle adores working with brides to achieve their dream-wedding look. Redki’s bridal collection started when a friend couldn’t find that perfect jewellery and hairpieces for herself and her bridesmaids. Asking Michelle to create unique custom pieces was the perfect solution to having the look come together perfectly and coordinate her bridal party.

Brides can choose from Redki’s carefully curated ready-to-wear range or have pieces custom made. To know that Redki Couture Jewellery has been part of a brides special day has been an absolute pleasure.

One of Michelle’s favourite moments is when a bride contacts many years later or posts on social media that they ‘still love their jewellery and are still wearing it with fond memories of their wedding day’. You can’t buy that memory, it is something that a bride will cherish and every time she wears her jewellery she will have that beautiful memory of her wedding day marrying her partner, the person of her dreams.
You may want a pair of statement bridal earrings for your wedding day, you may add a matching beautiful bridal bracelet, bridal necklace or a stunning crystal bridal hairpiece, adding just the right amount of sparkle that is needed to enhance your gorgeous gown.